VTP- Level 1 question and answers

vtp flow

What is VTP? What is the purpose of VTP?
VTP is Vlan Trunking Protocol, which is configured for managing vlans.
100 switches are configured in network. To manage vlans, it might be required to
login to number of devices, which is a hectic task. So, VTP comes into picture.
We define VTP server which act as the point of central point of management for
What all are the VTP modes or what all are the roles assigned to Switches
participating in VTP?
Different VTP modes are,
Server Mode
Client Mode
Transparent Mode
Off Mode
What is VTP Server mode?
If a Switch is defined to act in Server Mode, it means we can manage all the Vlan’s
from this switch.
-In this mode, we can create, modify & delete vlans
-Changes made on the server mode gets replicated onto the other switches
-When changes are made, Revision number gets incremented. When new
revision number is received via VTP traffic, other switches come to know
about the new update of Vlans
-Higher revision number always takes precedence. To keep it simple, higher
revision number means latest Vlan configuration
-We can specify other configurations like VTP version, VTP pruning for entire
VTP domain
-VTP advertisements travel within the same VTP domain only
-There can be more than one VTP server in the network, they will not act as
Primary & Secondary. Both will have equal rights
-By default, new switch is in Server mode

What is VTP Client mode?

When client gets update, switch will update itself & passes update further
-We cannot do vlan related changes on client mode, switch will give error
-New switch should be added as Client mode with Revision number equal to
What is Transparent mode?
-When Transparent gets update, switch will not update itself & passes update
further (simply act as Transparent)
-Changes performed on the Transparent will not be replicated to other
What is Off mode?
-When switch in Off mode gets update, switch will not update itself and do not
pass further
-It is similar to VTP transparent mode, except that switch will not pass update
Can we configure Vlan on Client mode? If no, is it going to show some error?
-We cannot do vlan related changes on client mode, switch will give error
What is VTP domain? What all are the conditions for switches, to be part of VTP
VTP domain consists of one or several switches under same Administrative
responsibility with the same VTP domain name
By default, switch is in “no-management-domain” state
Till the time, VTP domain name is not learned. We cannot modify Vlan’s
For security purpose, VTP domain name is configured with password in a VTP domain,

What is the default VTP mode of switch? Server or client or transparent?
By default, Switch joins VTP domain in Server mode

What is the multicast address for VTP?
Is VTP a Cisco Proprietary?
Yes, VTP is a Cisco proprietary
Do we have other protocol similar to VTP, which is Open standard?
Yes, we have other protocols as well, although they are not so popular or not widely

In VTP, How many versions are there?
VTP is having three different versions
Version 1 and 2 are similar, whereas Version 3 is having number of different

VTP traffic updates traverse over which Vlan number?
VTP traffic updates traverse over Vlan 1