Setup the Palo Alto Firewall from scratch

palo login

There are two methods to setup the firewall-CLI and GUI. We will follow the method of using GUI as it’s easier than CLI

fw tensile

Connect the Ethernet to the Management port of firewall and connect other end to workstation and setup that workstation ip address in network range.

ip add

When making your first connection to the web interface, your browser may display an error message. This is because the certificate used by the web interface is a self-signed certificate your browser does not trust. You can safely ignore the error message at this time, which then takes you to the login screen:

login error

Log in, using the default username and password admin/admin.

palo login

Navigate to the Device tab. Select Setup on the left pane, then select Management, where you can change the Management Interface Settings:

devie setup

Change the interface configuration and click OK.

mgmt inter

To complete this step and apply changes to the device, click the Commit link at the top right: