Is it EIGRP support secondary ip address

Yes the Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) supports secondary addresses. However, because EIGRP supply data packets from the primary address, all the routers should be configured with the primary addresses that belong on the same subnet.

Be sure that the primary address on the interface is configured for EIGRP by issuing the network command under the router eigrp configuration command. This network should include the primary address of the interface which runs EIGRP.

This is an example:

interface e0/0
ip address
ip address secondary

router eigrp 10
!– This network covers the address assigned to interface e0/0.

The network covers the secondary IP address assigned to interface e0/0. Although the network is also included in EIGRP, EIGRP will not form a neighbor over this network. However, the network is advertised through EIGRP. If there is a mismatch between the primary address configured on the interfaces there occurs “not on common subnet for Ethernet0” error message will shown in logs.