What is VDC’s in Nexus Switches?

Cisco Nexus 7000 Series switches can be segmented into virtual devices based on customer requirements. VDCs offer several benefits e.g. fault isolation, administration plane, separation of data traffic, and enhanced security. This logical separation provides the following  benefits:

  • Administrative and management separation
  • Change and failure domain isolation from other VDCs
  • Address, VLAN, VRF, and vPC isolation

Each VDC acts as an unique device and allows for separate Roles-Based Access Control Management (RBAC) per VDC. This enables VDCs cab be administered by different administrators, while still maintaining a rich, granular RBAC capability. With this functionality, each administrator can define virtual routing and forwarding instance (VRF) names and VLAN IDs independent of those used in other VDCs safely with the knowledge that VDCs maintain their own unique software processes, configuration, and data-plane forwarding tables.