What is the difference between the F5 LTM vs GTM?

  • The biggest difference between the GTM and LTM is traffic doesn’t actually flow through the GTM to your servers.
  • The GTM is an intelligent name resolver, intelligently resolving names to IP addresses.
  • Once the GTM provides you with an IP to route to you’re done with the GTM until you ask it to resolve another name for you.
  • Similar to a usual DNS server, the GTM does not provide any port information in its resolution.
  • The LTM doesn’t do any name resolution and assumes a DNS decision has already been made.
  • When traffic is directed to the LTM traffic flows directly through its’ full proxy architecture to the servers it’s load balancing.
  • Since the LTM is a full proxy it’s easy for it to listen on one port but direct traffic to multiple hosts listening on any port specified.