How configuration rollback feature works in Nexus Switches

The rollback feature allows you to take a snapshot, or user checkpoint, of the Cisco NX-OS configuration and then reapply that configuration to your device at any point without having to reload the device. This checkpoint can be extremely useful when a new change is being tested and want immediate return to an original/stable configuration if any problem occurs.

When you roll back the running configuration, you can trigger the following rollback types:

Atomic: it’s a default type and Implement a rollback only if no errors occur.
Best-effort: Implement a rollback and skip any errors.
Stop-at-first-failure: Implement a rollback that stops if an error occurs.
Verbose: Displays the execution log and allows the user to see the events occurring during configuration rollback.

N5K# checkpoint ?

WORD –Checkpoint name (Max Size 32)
description –Checkpoint description for the given checkpoint
file –Create configuration rollback checkpoint to file

N5K# checkpoint test description “testing_purpose”

Verify created checkpoint using the ‘show checkpoint summary’

N5K# sh checkpoint summary
User Checkpoint Summary
1) test:
Created by admin
Created at Mon, 07:37:22 29 Sep 2014
Size is 5,824 bytes
Description: “testing_purpose”

You can check the differences of checkpoint config with running one with “sh diff rollback-patch checkpoint test running-config”

To rollback to the desired checkpoint you can use the command

N5K# rollback running-config checkpoint test