How packet flows in Checkpoint firewall?

Checkpoint process the packet in the ingress and the egress using two CHAINS. Basic: -Physical layer – ingress interface -Data Link Layer/Ethernet -Inspect Driver [inspect Engine] -Network Layer/IP Routing -Inspect Driver -Data Link Layer/Ethernet -Physical layer – egress interface Advance: 1. NIC hardware -The network card receives electrical signalling from the link partner. 2. NIC [...]

Checkpoint firewall common commands part 2

For basic firewall informaton gathering: fgate stat-Status and statistics of Flood-Gate-1. fwaccel <stat|stats|conns> – View status, statistics or connection table of SecureXL. fw getifs-Show list of configured interfaces with IP and netmask. cpstat <app_flag> [-f flavour] -View OS, HW and CP application status. Issue cpstat without any options to see all possible application flags <app_flag> and [...]