Quick notes for EIGRP

EIGRP  is  a Cisco proprietary protocol which means it will work only on Cisco routers. EIGRP is also called advanced distance vector or Hybrid routing protocol. Multicast or unicast is used for exchange of information. Multiple network layer protocols are supported. 100% loop-free. By default,EIGRP will limit itself to use no more than 50% of [...]

Is it EIGRP support secondary ip address

Yes the Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) supports secondary addresses. However, because EIGRP supply data packets from the primary address, all the routers should be configured with the primary addresses that belong on the same subnet. Be sure that the primary address on the interface is configured for EIGRP by issuing the network command [...]

What are the advantages of EIGRP?

EIGRP uses AS (Autonomous system) number ranging from 1-65535 to identify collection of routers that share same information. EIGRP have less convergent time and is more efficient EIGRP supports both auto and manual route summarization Supports multiple routed protocols like IP ,IPX and apple talks EIGRP converges rapidly in the event of link failure EIGRP [...]

What is Stuck in Active?

If the successor path is lost & there is no feasible successor path is available, router sends out query messages on all EIGRP enable interfaces & tries to find out an alternative path to the network. It is active state for that route.Now Router is waiting for reply from its neighbors. If reply is missing [...]