common Switch troubleshooting commands

For CPU related issues: Show process cpu sorted Show process cpu history Show platform port-asic stats drop Show controllers cpu-interface Debug platform cpu-queues Show plat for ip For memory issues Show memory statistics Show process memory sorted Show buffers For link issues Show interface status | inc connected Test cable-diagnostics tdr interface <> Show cable-diagnostic [...]


There are three types of Etherchannels negotiation mechanism PAgP  (Port Aggregation Protocol)- Cisco’s proprietary negotiation protocol LACP (Link Aggregation Protocol)  – Standards-based negotiation protocol Static Persistence (“On”) – No negotiation protocol is used   There are two types of Etherchannels 1) Layer2   2) Layer3 1) Layer2 Etherchannels: Switch1(config)# interface range gigabitethernet0/1 -4  Switch1(config-if-range)# switchport access [...]